400x334 Hinged Lid

Hinged Lid / Door

The hinged lid facilitates easy opening and closing, allowing swift access to the enclosure’s contents.

400x334 Welded Hubs

Welded In-Place Hubs

Welded In-Place Hubs offer a reliable and watertight solution for conduit or pipe entry into our enclosures.

400x334 Optiocal Window

Optical Window Lid / Door

Its sturdy build is essential for applications requiring easy access to internal components.

400x334 mount tabs

Heavy Duty Gusset Mount Tabs

Engineered to provide robust support, ensuring secure mounting of equipment within the enclosure

400x334 Cable Glands 3

Cable Glands / Cord Grips

Suitable for sealing electrical cables and conduits ranging in size from 3mm (0.11″) to 70mm (2.75″). 

400x334 Cable Glands 3

NPT Cable Glands

NPT Cable Glands provide a watertight seal for cables and conduit entries, when used inconjunction with Welded In-Place Hubs.

400x334 Lifting Lugs

Heavy Duty Lifting Eye Hooks

Engineered for easy installation, these lifting lugs facilitate efficient lifting and positioning of the enclosure, enhancing overall handling convenience. 

400x334 Captive Lid Fasteners

Captive Lid Fasteners

These fasteners are designed to stay attached to the lid for convenience

400x334 Heat Sink

Integrated Thermal Heatsink

It’s primary purpose is to provide a built-in solution for temperature regulation, promoting optimal performance.

400x334 Lock Tab

Security Lock Tab

The tab ensures enhanced security and quick access to enclosure contents. 

400x334 Internal Plate

Internal Mount Plate

This plate provides a reliable solution for securely mounting electronic components

400x334 Access Panel

Shielded Access Door 

Its durable construction ensures reliable protection of sensitive equipment within the enclosure

400x334 Door Stay

Door Stay

The primary function of the door stay is to ensure doors remain open when needed.

400x334 Swing Out Panel

Internal Swing Out Panel

This panel provides a blend of secure protection and convenient accessibility.

400x334 Handle

Pull Handle

Designed for effortless opening and closing of doors, ensuring convenient access to enclosed spaces.

400x334 Raised Plinths

Raised Floor Mounting Plinths

Provide sturdy support for enclosures, ensuring secure installation even in challenging environments

400x334 Gasket

Flurosilicone Gasket

Offers superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including hydrocarbons, solvents, and industrial oils,

400x334 Ground Studs

External Grounding Stud

Its primary function is to create a reliable external grounding point

400x334 Document Pocket

Document Pocket

Offers convenient storage for essential paperwork or manuals

400x334 CARC Paint System

CARC Paint System

Provides a robust protective coating, superior resistance against corrosion and chemicals

400x334 Spring Coil

Shock & Vibration Isolation Mount Kits

Enhance the reliability of the system by effectively minimizing the impact of vibrations.

EMC Shielding

EMC / EMP Shielding Gasket

Our dual gaskets have been designed especially to provide protection against EMI / RFI to meet a MIL-STD-461 equivalent.

The team at SLAYSON® thrives on working with customers to design project specific solutions for both one off projects and production runs. If you require an accessory that is not listed, please reach out and we will work with you to develop a solution to meet your needs.

With over 20 years of experience in Defense and Engineering, SLAYSON® is the world leader in Custom Enclosures. Our Engineering and Design capabilities drive our innovation.

Our Engineering Team works closely with Clients assisting with design and customization to ensure that all modifications are engineered to your correct standards and specifications.